Dart Clubs and Tournaments

Where to play darts?

Darts can be played virtually anywhere and you will often find dart clubs based in bars, clubs or sports grounds. Even in a neighbours garage or work canteen. 

Finding a dart club

Would you like to find somewhere local to play darts try visiting your local pub, searching online or call the local dart association. Dart clubs are a great way to meet people in a local area but also can be very competitive. If you need help contact us as have a list of dart assoiciations all around the world.

How to find out about tournaments or competitions

See our events page for upcoming tournaments or contact local darts association or contact us and we will try and put in you in touch with the right person in your area.

How to prepare for a darts tournament or competition

Practice practice practice. For more information see our ambassador players hints and tips there is some great advice here.