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For lots of us, our first experience of playing or watching darts is at the pub, or catching a PDC tournament on TV. But what if you want to hone your new skill in the privacy of home? Or invite your mates around for a laugh and a bit of healthy competition. In that case, you’ll be wanting to get your own set up sorted. Preferably by the weekend.

As a newbie, choosing which darts to buy feels a bit like choosing a car – there’s a lot of choice at both ends of the spectrum, and you want to make sure you’re getting a kit that feels comfortable, and just right.

Step 1
your Dart

Here’s our suggestions for the best darts for beginners, perfect for getting your game on.

Top Tip
The lower the dart weight, the harder you will have to throw. Choose 24gm and above to start with.
Step 2
your Dartboard

Here are our top picks for a starter dartboard set up that’ll do your games room proud.

Top Tip
Add a lightweight surround to your dartboard, your walls will thank you.
Tip Bristle dartboards last longer, as they have a rotatable number ring which prevents wear in one area.
Dart Board Surround
90% Tungsten Barrels
Step 3
Set up your
Dart Arena

Here’s all you need for a ‘full noise’ dart lane set up at home.

Your dartboard setup should be an area where you can throw darts safely – and play for hours with friends, or practise in stealth to bust out the moves later. Luckily, creating a fantastic darting space isn’t tricky, piggy-bank-breaking or time-consuming.

Learn how to get the hang of it – hanging your dartboard, that is. Learn more here.
If you want to make it ‘official’ – here are the darts setup measurements you need to know. Learn more here.
Game On! Here are 5 simple, easy to play darts games to get you started. Learn more here.
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