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How can I get a stuck shaft out of the barrel?

Once in a while, a shaft may break off inside the barrel, and will be tricky to get out. Sometimes you can (carefully) use the point of another dart to turn the broken shaft, to try and turn it till it loosens enough to pull out. Or check out our specialised tool to help you remove the broken shaft from the barrel.

If getting the shaft material out is becoming more of a challenge, we recommend you watch the following video from our friends at Darts Review Channel which shows some other great hacks to help you out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir6sA_6TiB0

To reduce the likelihood of annoying breakages, we recommend having wall and floor protection where you play.

How do I remove a point that’s broken inside the barrel?

Sounds like you might need a repointing tool to help you remove dart points. If the point is broken too close to the barrel to remove, please get in touch and we’ll discuss some options.

Putting up wall and floor protection around your dartboard will also minimise the likelihood of breakages.

Dart point bent? This article will help you out.

How can I prevent darts wearing out?

Tight groupings and collisions mean that even the toughest barrel coatings lose their grip over time. The natural salt and acid on your fingertips can also cause corrosion. Dart grips and coatings aren’t covered under our lifetime barrel guarantee, so it’s important to keep your darts clean (taking care not to damage the coating).

Using Dart Rosin can help with ‘grippiness’ too.

How long should my dartboard last?

Life expectancy varies between boards, as well as depending on the amount you play. To get the longest life out of your dartboard, it’s important to rotate it regularly to even out the wear, and keep your dartboard up in a dry environment. Maintaining the points of your darts will help keep your board shipshape too – and avoid playing with hooked points, which pull out fibres when you remove them from the board, or blunt points, which over compact the board’s surface.

Check out our guide to extending the life of your dartboard.

Help, my dartboard is cracked!

Shot dartboards are made from high-quality sisal, a natural fibre. Irregularities and cracks across the board are a result of manufacturing processes, and won’t affect play or its lifespan.

Check out our guide to extending the life of your dartboard.

What’s the deal with Shot’s Lifetime Barrel Guarantee?

Keep playing. Shot Dart barrels are covered by a lifetime replacement guarantee that covers faults in materials and workmanship. Take a few minutes to register your darts here. (Sorry, our guarantee doesn’t cover misuse, negligence or normal wear & tear leading to breakages and wear from points, shafts, flights and coatings.)

How to prevent broken shafts

Shafts are susceptible to wear and damage, especially as your skills improve and you get tighter groupings and more frequent collisions. If you’re prone to breakages, check out our super durable Toa Carbon shafts.

Having wall and floor protection will also look after your darts – in case of the odd wide throw.

How do I stop my flights popping off?

Do your flights tend to take a solo flight occasionally? You may need a Shot Darts flight punch. This essential tool positions and precision cuts a slot in the base of your dart flights.

You get a more secure fit between the shaft and flight, with aluminium rings or dart shafts that have ring systems. Basically, having punched flights means no more annoying flight ‘pop-offs’. Leaving you free to focus on the target.

How to stop flights tearing

Over time and regular play, dart flights can sustain quite a bit of wear and tear. As you improve your game, tight groupings and collisions increase the chance of damage. If you’re having issues with flights tearing, look for 100 micron premium quality flights – or choose a moulded one piece option like Shot L-Style EZ Shape flights, which are available across the Shot range.

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