Trouble shooting: broken dart points

Written by
Emma Williams

A broken or snapped dart point can be hugely annoying, but the good news is it does not mean your beloved darts are unable to be used again.  Much like flights and shafts, steel tip points are an interchangeable part of a dart and can be replaced. Shot Darts uses quality points in our steel tip darts, manufactured to the industry standard in England, and have a Shot Darts specific taper at the front to minimize chances of breaking off at the barrel. We batch stress test points regularly to ensure the highest quality reaches you.

In the event of breakage, replacement Shot points can be ordered from any good dart store – check out our Where to Buy page for a Shot Dealer near you. We recommend investing in a good quality dart repointing tool for do it yourself point replacement. This strong device is designed primarily to deal with broken points.  It’s easy to use, and we think it's an essential part of any darts set up.

Note: the Shot Repointing Tool will work for point breaks left in the barrel at 6mm and above. *Measurement from the tip of the nose of the dart to end of break.

For point breaks under 6mm  

If the point snaps and leaves debris under 6mm or flush with the dart barrel our factory will be happy to fix the dart on the following conditions.

It’s a Shot Dart that has been registered under our Barrel Guarantee, and has the original Shot point intact. No alterations have been made to the original barrel.  

Contact us and we’ll return information on how to send your barrels in for repair. We’ll strongly suggest you use a tracked courier service to ensure your barrel does not go missing, as we won’t be responsible for barrels lost in transit.

To minimise the risk of bounce outs leading to broken points we also recommend using a good quality bladed board like The Bandit which will prevent bounce outs, and investing in a dartboard surround and dart mat to protect your points for those times the darts go astray and hit the wall or floor.

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