The Best Dart Sets for Beginners

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Cole Hoskins

What is the best dart set for beginners? This is the question we get asked the most. There are many things to consider when looking for your first set of darts, but we’ll cut to the chase and provide you with suggestions for the ultimate beginner dart setup.

The Best Dart Barrel for Beginners:

When looking at a set of darts as a new player, find a dart set with an uncomplicated grip pattern. A simple grip pattern will allow you to find your natural grip while throwing.  Some great dart sets to look at are the Zen Budo and Zen Kensho. Both darts will feature a sturdy ring grip to maximize your release, while the short length of these barrels will allow for a steady flight path. With the weight distribution in the center of the dart barrel, these darts can almost self-correct in flight to hit the dartboard at a straight angle. These dart sets will help a consistent throw, which are great options for new players.

If these two barrel shapes aren’t necessarily your style, we offer other great beginner dart set options, such as the Zen Jutsu and Zen Juji, which will feature more of a front-weighted design with simpler grips. However, if you are looking for a straight, center-weighted dart set, the Warrior Tipu is the dart set for you. The Tipu will not tie you down to a single grip style, providing the new dart player with a great beginner dart set to find their natural grip.

Dart Weights for Beginners:

Once you decide on a barrel shape and grip, your attention will probably turn to what is the best beginner dart weight. Dart sets can come in various weights; however, it is recommended that a new dart player choose a heavier set of darts to help with the player’s control. Most dart sets will feature a range of 22-25gm weights, however a heavier dart in that range would be 24gm and above.  

Each of the dart sets discussed above features a range of different weights and will come in at least 24gm or more. The Zen Kensho even goes up to 28gm! Whichever set of darts you choose as a beginner player, just remember to keep the grip and the weight in mind.

The Best Dart Shaft for Beginners:  

Now that you have your dart barrels picked out, it is time to choose a dart shaft that complements the barrels. For a new dart player, we recommend choosing a Medium-length dart shaft to provide you with more control. To create the ultimate dart set for beginners, it is important to have durability in mind with your shafts as well.

A great beginner dart shaft option will be either a carbon or aluminum dart shaft. Both will help with the durability of your dart set and prevent you from having to buy new shafts constantly. Some great carbon shafts to look at are the Shot Darts Koi Carbon Shafts and the Shot Darts Tao Carbon Shaft.  If you opt for the aluminum route, a great option is the Shot Aluminum Shaft.

The Best Dart Flights for Beginners:

Dart flights are more based on personal preference, but there are some things that you should consider when choosing your flights. Normal paper flights are an option, but if you use these, we recommend you use a flight punch to prevent the flights from falling out of the shaft. If you are unsure of how to punch your dart flights, check out this video for a step-by-step guide.

Another option for dart flights for beginners is the Shot L-Style flights. These molded flights are extremely durable and always open at 90 degrees for perfect aerodynamics on each throw. Check out all our L-Style flights here.

Lastly, if you are looking for an all-in-one, super-durable option for both shafts and flights, look no further than the Shot Darts Flight Deck. This integrated dart flight and shaft system brings simplicity along with durability to new dart players. Flight Deck features an advanced composite polymer construction and a carbon rod in the center of the shaft to keep it taut and longer lasting. Flight Deck also provides optimal flexure and weight placement to help players with tighter groupings on the dartboard. To use Flight Deck, all you need to do is screw the stems into your dart barrel, and your dart set is complete!

Things to Note With Your Dart Sets:

There are some things a new dart player should know before purchasing their first set of darts. One of them is that you are going to break your dart points. It’s inevitable, and it is not the end of the world. If this happens to you, it can be fixed without having to buy a whole new dart set! All you will need is a Repointing Machine and a new set of points for your darts set. For more on replacing your dart points, check out our article, Trouble Shooting: Broken Darts Points.

Although broken points are inevitable, there are ways to help prevent broken tips. One is by using a dart mat in your at-home dart lane. Dart mats will help absorb some of the impacts from a dart bounce out as compared to the dart falling on a concrete or tile floor. To create the ultimate dart lane set up at home, check out our article How to Set Up a Dart Lane at Home.

The best dart sets have a lot to do with preference, but it is important to understand the key aspects of a dart setup to choose the best for you. Now that you know what to look for when it comes to barrel shape, balance, weight, shafts, and flights, it’s time to get a set of darts and start throwing!

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