In a workshop where legends are forged, nestled in the land beneath a long white cloud, our boffins, tinkerers and dartisans are hard at work dreaming up the world’s most ingenious darts. To inspire each player to write their own glorious saga, and unleash the mythical warrior, strategist or trailblazer within.


Crafted by Dartisans

Our high-end tungsten darts are 100% designed, prototyped and made in our New Zealand workshop by dartisans. Yup, we’re obsessed. But this end-to-end approach means total control over quality and precision. Every design is a limited edition – with runs as small as 30. As far from mass produced as we can aim.


The gauntlet

Every dart goes through hell to get to you. Barrel design, CAD, precision CNC machining, milling, grooving, shaping, enrobing in colours and coatings. then finessing, pointing, match weighting, checking and packing. And if it doesn’t make our grade, it doesn’t make your game.


Lean Machining

Our workshop follows Lean principles to whittle down waste. This means recycling all tungsten trim and waste oil from our CNC machines, while imperfect barrels become colour samples. We recycle everything we can. But most importantly, we create darts that last.



Every 90% tungsten Shot dart barrel is expertly crafted with precision grips, perfectly balanced, and matched weighted by hand to a set tolerance of +/-0.05gm at our workshop.

Our Results

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To us, darts is more than numbers on a board, it’s a community. Shot is a New Zealand family-owned company, where every high end tungsten barrel is crafted with Kiwi ingenuity at our factory in Katikati. We go to great lengths to learn what matters to darts lovers about their game – to invite players around the world to let go, fly their flag and find their tribe.

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