Shot Darts x DPFL Darts New Season 9 Partnership

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Cole Hoskins

Who is the DPFL?

Dart Players Florida (DPFL) started as a local singles league that began right before COVID-19 hit. During that first season of DPFL, there was a total of 32 players, and once COVID hit, Tim Wey decided to move the DPFL online for a dart live stream. The first DPFL online tournament was without a camera and the winner was someone local to Florida who beat another player from the United Kingdom. This gave Tim the idea to add a camera to the live dart stream, and it blew up as people were able to start competing against others from around the world.

Since then, Tim has employed Discord as their main source of video for the dart live stream as the platform provides players with a more stable and centralized platform. Once you click on Discord, you are in your match, possibly against someone from the other side of the world.

DPFL is about to start Season 9, with the goal to combine online live-stream darts and live in-person darts. DPFL pairs the online darts livestream with a few large live events each year, that feature huge money pools for the players. With travel costs high in the United States, DPFL allows players to spend less money traveling to tournaments and instead play competitive matches from home.

How can I play online with DPFL?

New players can easily sign up at, and DPFL memberships are affordable, starting at $29.99 USD per year. Along with this, you will also need a Dart Connect Competition Card for players who are looking to participate in divisional or average-based events. The Dart Connect Competition card can be found at as you can get a membership for $2 USD monthly or $24 USD for the year. The reason for the competition card is to help prevent sandbagging and get people with their proper level of play.

One of DPFL’s rules during competition is that you must be within 5 points of the division above in order to move up. This creates a great opportunity for players to challenge themselves and improve during their time in DPFL events.

New DPFL Sponsorship With Shot:

Shot Darts is excited to continue this partnership with DPFL for Season 9. DPFL and Tim Wey expressed how he absolutely loves Shot products and enjoys being loyal to sponsors such as Shot, as Shot has been sponsoring the DFL since season 3. With the season just around the corner, Shot will be the lead sponsor for the Shot Darts Players Championship 2024, with the winner and runner-up of the event being seeded in the DPFL Live Championship Event 2024 in Kissimmee, Florida.

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