What it means to be a Shot! Ambassador:

"It´s an honour to belong to this great company and I hope to return your trust in me with much success." ... Raul Las Heras


"I like my darts because of the type of grip is very comfortable for my style of play and I am confident  I have a really good grip on my darts".... Raul Las Heras

 How long playing darts:

Raul started playing darts around 5 years ago with his friend as a hobby every afternoon.


 Darting Highlights:

  • Regular League Winner - 8 times Champion

  • Last 64 Pro-Mundial PDC losing the game Ronnie Huybrecht

  • Rated 7th in Spain


Other points of interest:

  • Raul works for a dart shop that stocks Shot!
  • When Raul is competing he likes to listen to 30 Seconds to Mars which helps him to focus


 Darting Hint:

"My darting tip is,  make sure you train and you will achieve your goals,  but I really think that when you enjoy doing what you are doing, you will succeed.... Raul Las Heras