What does it mean to you to be a Shot! Ambassador?

"Being a Shot! player means the beginning of so many possibilities for me in the world of darts. I belive that things happen with small baby steps. In this case, being a Shot! player is a big step for me and I look forward to what else we can achieve with Shot!...Lee Jing Yi

Why you like your darts?

"I personally prefer a heavier dart because I am more used to my steel tip darts then my soft tip. I do prefer playing steel tip compared to soft tip but the opportunity in Singapore is less for steel tip darts.  20g preferred instead of the 23g that Shot! offers because the barrels are too long for me in the heavier dart series. The weight of the 916 1 series dart is centre balanced which is how I like my darts. There is a “catch” at the end of the dart connecting to the shaft. I use that “catch” to position my fingers when throwing the dart, and that allows a smooth flow when I go up on the oche. The dart could be slightly better if the grip was a bit more grippy, so that I can feel more assured when releasing the dart."...Lee Jing Yi

How long playing darts?

Lee started playing darts in 2014 October he when started playing with his best friend and current captain of his team. He introduced the sport to Lee but Lee was skeptic at first but slowly the sport started growing on him.   Lee's dad plays darts as well  and he is currently a rank 6 going 7 on the Dartslive ranking system!

"I think it is quite interesting when your dad is as involved as you are in the sport that you love. I consider myself a very lucky person!"...Lee Jing Yi


 Highest Achievements:

  • Dartslive Season 4 Super 2 Group champion
  • Dartslive Season 10 S3 Division Final Joint 9th
  • Dartslive Season 9 S4 Division Final Joint 5th


Darting Tip:

"If ever you are looking for a new dart or you would like to try a different throwing method, use a steel tip convertor and throw onto the steel tip board. That way, you will be able to see how the dart lands and can correct your throw and release properly. The soft tip board will not be able to show how your darts land. (Landing too tail up or tail low, sideways etc)

And finally, don’t be afraid to try new things! You will never know what works and what doesn’t, there is only one way to find out!

Lee Jing Yi