How long playing darts?
Jason is one of the most experienced darts players in Taiwan, he has been playing darts for 11 years. In 2012 Jason was severely injured after a devastating car crash, in which he had almost lost his life. After the accident, his strong hand was fractured, and even holding a dart became a very difficult task for him.   After one year of rehabilitation, during which Jason has put enormous amount of effort into practising darts, his rating has returned to his previous ranking from Rating 5 back to Rating 21.
Why you like your darts
"I like the grenade-like pattern cut on the barrel, which perfectly reflects my personal character as being a tough guy.  The cut gives a close contact between the fingers and the barrel which allows me to a firm and stable grip. Also the slenderness of the barrel provides stability and ease of control over the throw."...Jason Tai
Highest Achievements:
  • Selected into Taiwan Team for 7 consecutive years
  • 2016 Represented Taiwan playing at Maxima Malaysia Open
  • 2014 selected for Taiwan Team and represented the team to play at Macau Open


Darting Tip:

Jason's tip for up and coming players is "Passion and Dedication" to the game.