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Alex Roy

By Alex Roy

Darts is one of only sports where practice can be done in the comfort of your own home and is an important part of making yourself a success. No matter how good you think you may be there is always room to improve. So practice with focus. When you practice, practice alone. While an afternoon throwing darts with friends is a good time, practice is best spent without distractions or worries about anyone seeing that wild throw! Concentrate on your breathing, keeping it steady and slow. And before you throw the first dart, see it hit the dartboard exactly where you want it. Don't just spend an hour trying to hammer the bullseye, try these techniques to improve your dart game: Pick any spot on the board, and throw. Try this all around the board, and see how often you hit where you intend. Another good practice technique is to throw the dart, and then no matter where it lands, try to hit that spot again. Thanks for reading my tips.

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