5 Single Player Dart Games to Enhance Your Skills

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Cole Hoskins

Playing darts with friends or family is ideal, but what about dart games you can play by yourself? There are several single player dart games to help you practice and relax as well. After a long day, turn on some music and step up to the throw line to unwind! Here are 5 dart games to play alone.

Solo Cricket

Cricket is a great one player dart game to practice and level up your game. As one of the most popular bar games amongst dart players, the dart rules and objectives of solo cricket are quite simple. In this dart game, you will throw three darts per turn and try to hit three marks for each of the numbers from 15 to 20 and the bullseye. For solo cricket, if you hit a single 15, you can award yourself one point, two points for a double 15, and if you hit a treble, then you are awarded three points and have closed that number. After closing each number and the bullseye, you would count how many darts were needed and then try to improve upon that on the next go around. For a more in-depth look at the rules of cricket, check out our article, Cricket Darts Rules and Scoring.

Around the World

Another dart game to play by yourself is Around the World. Around the World (aka Around the Clock) consists of hitting the numbers 1 through 20 in order and capped off by hitting the bullseye. Each number in the dart game must be hit once, along with the bullseye. Once you hit each number and the bull, count how many darts it took you to complete the dart game and try to do it in fewer darts in the next round.

501 Darts

The dart game 501 is the most traditional dart game and is most likely what you compete in during dart leagues and dart tournaments. Playing 501 with 1 player will help you practice for those big-time dart matches while helping you work on hitting doubles to go out. Practicing 501 dart games by yourself will help you perform better once you play against an opponent. For more on the rules of 501 darts, check out our article, Mastering 501 Dart Rules.

Baseball Darts

The baseball darts game is another excellent option for darts games to play alone. Baseball darts is a great dart game for beginners as it reinforces numbers that you might not typically shoot for. The dart rules for the baseball darts game are straightforward especially if you are familiar with the sport of baseball. In the game of baseball, and for the sake of the baseball darts game, there are 9 innings. For baseball darts, you would throw three darts at the number associated with the inning. For example, if you start the game, you are in the first inning and would throw at the number 1. If you hit a single one, it is 1 run. A double 1 would account for 2 runs, and a treble 1 would account for 3 runs. However, if you miss the one and hit another number instead, this will count as an out. Make three outs, and the inning is over. You would then move on to the 2nd inning or the number 2 as far as baseball darts are concerned. Once you complete 9 innings in baseball darts, you can tally up the total amount of “runs” and try to beat that score in the next game.

121 in 6 or run of 5

121 is another great single player dart game. The dart game 121 is perfect for those looking to handle the pressure shots when the hypothetical opponent is on a 3-dart out. This darts game aims to finish 121 in 6 darts or less. If 121 is taken out in 6 darts or less, you would increase the number to 122 in the next round. You would then continue to do the same thing for each number after you complete the outshot. This dart game makes for great practice, as you can keep taking out finishes up to 170.


Each of these darts games by yourself makes for great practice and can help you unwind after a long day. Now that you have a plethora of darts games to play by yourself, it’s time to take action and improve your game today!

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