Cricket Darts Rules and Scoring

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Cole Hoskins

One of the most popular bar games among dart players is the game cricket. Cricket dart rules and objectives are quite simple, making this an easy game to understand and play casually as well as competitively. Cricket is typically played between 2, 3, or 4 players, while it can also be played with teams of players. With that being said, let’s walk through the cricket dart rules for a better understanding.

Cricket Dart Objectives:

The objective in the dart game cricket is to hit the numbers 20 through 15 and the bullseye three times. By hitting a number three times, the number then becomes closed. The objective is to close each number before your opponent or the opposing team, which provides yourself or your team with the opportunity to earn points. For more details on the rules of the dart game cricket, keep reading!

Cricket Dart Rules:

Each player/team takes turns throwing three darts at the dartboard. In order to close a number in the dart game cricket, the player must hit the numbers 20 through 15 and the bullseye 3 times per number. However, cricket also relates to a traditional game of darts where if a player hits the outer ring, it counts as two, and if they hit the inner ring, it counts as closing the number. For example, if the player hits the fat part of the 16, and then hits the outer ring on the 16, the number is then closed. One thing to note about this is with the cricket darts bullseye. The outer ring on the bullseye counts as 1 and the inner ring on the bullseye will count as two.

Now that you know how to close a number, you may be wondering “How do I win a game of cricket?” This aspect follows closing your own numbers while the opponent still has yet to close theirs. For example, if your 17 is closed, but your opponent has not yet closed their 17, you would keep throwing at the 17 in order to earn points. This darts cricket strategy is used in order to win the game, as the player or team with the most points wins the game of cricket.

How to Score a Darts Cricket Match:

Now that you know how to earn points in a darts cricket match, you may wonder how darts cricket scoring works. For this, the players/teams can create a chart with two sides, one for team A and one for team B. Thenumbers 15 through 20 and “bullseye” will be written in the middle of the chart between the two sides. To keep track of how many times a player/team hits that number, there are certain marks to write. If the team has hit a 15, for example, the scorer would then write a “/” mark to show the team has hit the number once. If the team has hit the number 15 two times, they would then mark an “X.” Finally, to show that the number 15 is closed, the scorer would mark an “X” with a circle around the X to indicate this mark has been hit three times.

When it comes to gaining points in the dart game cricket, the player/team who keeps hitting the opponent's unclosed number will receive the amount of points for that particular number. For example, if they were to hit a 17, 17 points would be awarded. For the bullseye, the outer ring on the bullseye would account for 25 points and the inner bullseye would award 50 points to the player/team.

After all numbers are closed by a particular player, you would tally up all the points. The player/team with the most points and who has all their numbers closed would win the darts cricket match. Now that you know the darts cricket rules, objectives, and how to score for cricket darts, it is time to toe up the oche and get throwing!  

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