Mental preparation

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Wayne Weening

By Wayne Weening

Hello everyone, it has been quite a while since I last had the privilege to put my ambassador tips forward and I vaguely remember leaving a segway for mental preparation.

I have had an opportunity to reflect over the last 30 years or so at my career and its successes and failures and have been able to recognise where I have failed and where I have succeeded. Mental preparation has been the key to my success. As in all aspects of life, "If you fail to prepare well then you're preparing to fail". I have found that getting your mind into tournament mode early on in the year, whilst reading your darts calendar or booking your favourite tournament destinations with your airline and also your accommodation, you have sown the seed to some success. It doesn`t stop there, however. As the tournament date nears I find that I begin to visualise and rehearse some of the tense situations that may arise during a tournament, and so mentally preparing myself for all situations. This does not guarantee success but it does put you in good stead when the day toughens up for you. If you put in on the practice board and dare dream to have a positive outcome from a tournament, you will be well on your way to enjoying some success. Please remember to take into account all the tips from the Shot Darts Players as they all have valid input to help make you a better player.

Until next time, lots of success.

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