How to Find a Dart League

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Cole Hoskins

If you have been playing darts regularly, beaten a few friends on the board, and have a good grasp of the rules and scoring, you might ask yourself if it's time to join a local league or darts club. In this post, we'll tell you how to find a darts club or league that works for you, hear insight from other dart league players from Shot’s social media channels, and provide you with resources from organizations and associations to help you find a dart league.

Joining a dart league provides the player with a great way to vastly improve their game, interact socially during the week, make new friends, travel to various tournaments, and have an opportunity to check out other people's gear. The dart community is very welcoming and always willing to help others who may just be starting league play.

Finding a dart league near you is easier today than in the past. Social media platforms allow you to search for groups in your area to join. These social media group forums will also show upcoming local dart tournaments you can play in.

We recently asked our social media followers how they started playing in a league. Here are some top tips from the players:

"I went to local bars with dartboards to play and eventually ran into some league players who pushed me to try playing in a league." - Cory

"Show up to blind draws and other non-league events to get your name out there and let people know you are interested." - David

“Just make sure you are comfortable being around your teammates and that they want you there, relax and have fun, and try not to get upset when that one player is going to tell you how to throw and what to throw it at, we all know and have that one person but honestly be yourself and have an absolute blast playing.” - Todd

"If you don't have a league, create one like I did for singles." - Jay

In addition to social media, several dart associations post information about upcoming league sign-ups on their websites. Search for your geographic location, followed by the term "darts association" on Google. For instance, "Southern California Darts Association" or "Houston Darts Association." This will direct you to dart leagues near you, where you can access the league's website to familiarize yourself with the league's rules, formats, and more. This same process via Google can be repeated to find steel tip dart tournaments or soft tip dart tournaments nearby. For example, searching for "soft tip dart tournaments near me" can bring up several options in your immediate area.

From our Facebook comments, Jay also brings up an excellent idea for those living in rural areas. Organizations and associations, like the American Darters Association in the United States, allow people to create dart leagues in their area. With a minimum of 12 players, the ADA offers two different types of leagues: the Open and Neutralizer leagues. These leagues provide year-round play; you can find information on the ADA website here.

Several organizations and associations Shot Darts sponsors, such as the ADA, NDA, DPFL in the US, offer resources to dart players to get them involved in leagues and tournaments. Each of these organizations will offer both steel tip dart tournaments and soft tip dart tournaments either online or at various locations around the USA.

There is more than one correct way to start playing in a dart league and get involved with the darts community. Don't give up if the first dart league doesn’t work out! There are several dart leagues to choose from, pick another and get involved today.

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