Darts coach: useful training aids

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Emma Williams

There are two training aids I use which stems from the way I was taught to play. In this post I will outline the first.

In the beginning, my coach would close the cabinet doors on his board, leaving a gap of an inch….before reminding me he had never hit the doors in 30 years of practicing.

I credit this practice method for a lot of my success, as it formulated a lot of the principles I practice and teach today.

After practicing this method at my coaches place for a period, I practiced a similar routine using a piece of string run down the centre of the 20.

This was my sole focus for a season, although it wouldn’t be until several years later that I gained control over my line.

Using the string, there are 3 points of focus in the technique that may be beneficial to gaining control over your line.

  1. Your body position must allow your throw to draw back and follow through along the line without feeling forced at any point.
  2. Your fingers should release with all controlling fingers running down the line during the throw, with the thumb and index finger running down the line at the release point.
  3. There is a point behind your hand (where radius bone connects to the wrist) that can control the line when it becomes a focus point in conjunction with the line. Keeping the point of the wrist in your minds eye while throwing can help gain a level of control….though not everyone can visualise the connection.

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