Youth darts: giving advice to the next generation

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Emma Williams

The New Zealand Darts scene had a great weekend with the PDC Darts Masters in Hamilton this past weekend. Tao Matarau Darts Academy, a youth darts venture set up by Gisborne local Kiri Hawea, was lucky enough to attend the Darts Masters opening night through their affiliation with the JDC.

On Saturday morning, they were joined by other invited youth players for a one on one coaching and Darts Clinic with top darts players and Darts Masters contenders Kyle Anderson, Haupai Puha, Craig Caldwell and Ben Robb.

Each player individually spoke with the kids about their darts careers and challenges and then went on to give some coaching tips.

Kyle who took up darts as a six-year-old, spoke at length about his heritage, his family and darts and gave some encouraging advice to the kids about being happy with who you are, and setting goals for success.

It was awesome to see the players each give back to the next generation of darts enthusiasts, and give up time to share personal stories and motivation tips. The kids absolutely loved it.  Some days just remind you WHY we love this game and why we do what we do. Hats off to all of you out there that spend time with the young ones, coaching and encouraging them along. Darts provides more than just a game, it's a family. We see that everywhere we go, all around the world.

Thanks to Kyle, Craig, Haupai and Ben, Tao Matarau Darts Academy for inviting Shot and our Young Gun Latham along, the great kids from the Darts Academy, Kiri and the other fantastic organisers.

We'll be posting again soon on "How to set up a Junior Darts Academy" with help from Tao Matarau, if you have any questions in the meantime about Youth Darts or setting up your own academy in your area contact us

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