Troubleshooting: broken dart shafts

Written by
Emma Williams

A broken shaft is in most cases a relatively easy fix. The good news is, shafts and flights are disposable items on darts so they can be replaced easily at relatively low cost. While it's an irritation, it's all part of the game.

The leading cause of this issue is contact between the sharp end of the dart - the point, and the end of the shaft.  This actually indicates your darts grouping is most likely excellent.  As outlined in our previous 101 post our shafts are manufactured from a strong polycarbonate material which is the most common material used in shaft production globally and therefore, the industry standard.

If a broken shaft is becoming a common occurrence look at other materials like alloy that may suit a more advanced level of play.

We suggest to players to have plenty of spares on hand to get you through these moments so you can get back to enjoying the darts as soon as you can.

If you're unlucky enough to have a dart shaft break and leave a portion of it in the thread of the barrel, this is fixed by using a tool like our handy Shaft Removal Tool which has a crisscross groove on its end to easily remove shafts that have broken clean off.  It also removes broken soft tips.

Hold the dart barrel securely, eg put in vice or something firm so you will not slip, the tool has four sharp points, rock the points into the plastic broken shaft and screw out!

If getting the shaft material out is becoming more of a challenge, we recommend you watch the following video from our friends at Darts Review Channel which shows some other great hacks to help you out.

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