Shot Darts design story: Roman Empire

Written by
Emma Williams

Here at Shot, our factory floor production team has over 150 years of dart-making experience combined. So when it came to designing a Caesar, our design team knew they could go hard out with the details, backed by robust in-house production knowledge. To give the dart justice to its name, it needed imperial colours. Finding the right purple titanium to add to gold, was the challenge accepted by our plating team, it took weeks of testing and prototyping before we finally settled on the colour and consistency. What emerged was a stunning barrel that also features a complex "triple threat" precision grip profile that showcases our powerful machining capabilities. Caesar is finished with a beautifully detailed flight design, the double-headed eagle, the ancient symbol of eternal power.

Shot Darts

This theme overall is our tribute to the strategists and tacticians of Rome and that era. Those who developed new technologies and planned each battle with precision, they were ahead of their time and were matchless on the battlefield. The Ballista was a bolt thrower, useful to smash down the walls during a siege. When the army ran out of stones and bolts, they would take off their armour and send it flying. We love that ingenuity and sheer determination! Like all our range stories, this theme relates to Darts, we think about how strategy and tactics are deployed on the oche, consider our precision darts your weaponry. Ballista packaging hand-drawn by our designer Gavin then applied later digitally. Stai al sicuro in Italia.

Shot Darts

Roman Empire Legion, its story is a tribute to the strategists and tacticians of that era. The design inspiration for the feature grip of the range came from the Testudo shield formation. It's said Mark Antony first used this defensive move, during his invasion of Parthia in 36 BC. The shield-bearers would wheel around and enclose the light-armed troops within their ranks, drop down to one knee, and then hold their shields out as a defensive barrier against the opposition. After refining and testing, the grip evolved beautifully on the dart barrels in the range. The Legion barrel is clad in gold titanium -our nod to the "ride or die" Aquila – the eagle on the Legion’s standard.

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We've captured Roman ingenuity, strategy and glory in this Roman Empire Range, and, we can't wait to show our tribe what's coming next!

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