How to Create a Dart League

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Cole Hoskins

If you are passionate about growing the game of darts in your community but a dart league is not readily available, do not worry! Creating a dart league is an easy process that anybody can do. One of our brand ambassadors, Jay, outlined how he created a dart league in Florida and wrote a step-by-step guide to help others along the way.


The first step in creating a dart league is finding players. Jay started his league by creating pods of 8 players. Each player pays $10 a week throughout the 7-week dart league. Thus, each player would end up paying a total of $70. Along with what is paid by the players, the host site for the dart league also pays a one-time $80 fee for each pod of 8 players. If there were one pod of 8 players in the dart league, the total purse would be $640 for the league. Each pod of 8 players would divide the purse the same way.


There will be one weekly match for this dart league, a race to 9 legs of 501. This provides the players ample practice throughout the league and gets them accustomed to the traditional long format 501. Additionally, all matches will be played at the sponsoring pub/bar/dart club. Once the league is completed, payouts will be as follows: 


1st: $140

2nd: $100

3rd& 4th: $80 each

5th– 8th: $60 each


The setup outlined by Jay provides excellent promotion of the game as everyone gets a lot of games, and everyone at least makes some money. Even if the player were to get 8th place in this format, they would still receive $60 and only lose $10 for the league duration. The format of this league is a great way to get new players involved in darts without having them risk a ton of money in the process. Along with the dart league being beneficial for the players, this format also provides great promotion for the small business in the pub, bar, or dart club.


The steps are laid out below: 

  1. Find players and separate the league into pods of 8 players
  2. Search for a site that would host the dart league in your area
  3. Each player pays $10 per week, or $70 total, for the entire duration of the league
  4. The pub/bar/dart club hosting the league will sponsor the league with a 1-time fee of $80 per pod of 8     players
  5. Total purse ends up being $640 for each pod of 8 players
  6. The season is seven weeks long, with one match played per week, agreed on by the players
  7. These matches are a race to 9 legs of 501
  8. All matches are played at the sponsoring pub/bar/dart club
  9. Payouts: 1st- $140, 2nd- $100, 3rd & 4th- $80 each, and 5th-8th get $60 each


The format of this league outlined by Jay is perfect for growing the game of darts in your community. Now that you have an outline to create a dart league, it’s time to start throwing!

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