Dartboard buying guide

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Not all dartboards are created equally. In 1992 Puma Darts developed the original Bandit board and the Bandit plus board in 2009.

Top things to look for when buying a dartboard.

BristleBristle dartboards are made up of compressed sisal fibres. The main advantage of this type of construction is when you remove a dart from the board the hole will close behind it.

Sisal The finest sisal is used, grown in Kenya to high specifications and is from the Agave plant.It is conditioned to ensure the highest level of clarity in colour for high visability and purity for the highest strength. A Shot! or Puma Darts Bandit board typically has 3.7million fibres compressed into each board that is 74000 metres if all stretched into one line.

Density level and depth Optimal density for deeper penetration, less bounce outs & higher scoring potential. Featuring over 60% bristle ensuring a deep & durable playing surface with superior healing.

Surface The Bandit range of dartboards are sanded in multiple directions.Giving a finer playing surface providing a vibrant surface that allows the bristle to heal effectively for longevity.

InksFood grade eco inks penetrate deep into the bristle (unlike a standard dartboard) retaining high visibility, low glare, colour strength & are environmentally friendly.

WireUnique razor bladed wire construction 50% thinner than a standard dartboard has high visability & low glare. Blades deflect darts into scoring areas, less bounce outs for high scoring potential.

Bladed BullsBandit dartboards feature both a razor bladed micro inner & an outer bullseye to eliminate bounce outs while providing a greater player surface & a higher scoring potential.

Composite EdgingA unique composite edging made from recycled plastics allows for ease of number ring rotation & gives modern look compared to a standard dartboard.

HangingOur specially designed wall bracket which is included with all Bandit range dartboards allows for ease of assembly & rotation without removing the dartboard.

Rotating DartboardA dartboard that is regularly used should be rotated at least fortnightly.Unclip the number ring and rotate the board to the next segment ie by moving the '20' i.e., '20' would become '12', then clip the number ring back on the board.

Dartboard Range

Our Bandit dartboard range offers the lighter and quieter Bandit Plus option featuring its composite backing with intergrated bracket & a Pro-Trainer board option which features ultra slim trebles, doubles and bulls eyes so no one can hone their skills in practice. We recommend Bandit boards for those looking for a quality product for the features mentioned above and wanting tournament quality.

We also sell paper dartboards for the home/social user as chinese made bristle dartboards which offer a good board for price option for recreation and some club use.

For the soft tip market we do offer some soft tip dartboards, the lifestyle set is ideal for those with young players including children and can be used outdoors.

Dartboard Accessories:

Dartboard Throwline - are an way to easily mark your toeline. Some of the dartboards come with throwlines included.

Dartboard Cabinets and surrounds - offer wall protection, decorative effect and come in varying options.

Dart Mats - help protect your floor as well as have throwline marked.

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