CDC reviews the new Shot Darts Bandit Dartboard!

Written by
Emma Williams

Championship Darts Circuit in the USA received an advance shipment of two new generation Bandit Dartboards to use on their feature/streaming board for a CDC weekend; generally, they plan on using one dartboard per day of play to avoid wear showing on camera. With the new look Shot Bandit bristle dartboard, they were we able to use one board for BOTH days.

Read and watch their review below.

Amazing results and performance from the new Shot Darts Bandit board following CDC Weekend #3 in Chicago. Over the course of the weekend, we followed the condition of the brand new Bandit we had been given and were using on our streamed feature board. (We were sent TWO new boards) We NEVER once felt the need to swap out the board (We don’t “rotate” the streamed board) As we were packing up the event on Sunday evening we were blown away by the incredible condition the one board used all weekend was still in ....and that’s what we wanted to share with you here... It’s a MUST get....the new SHOT Bandit.

Read more about our design story behind the Bandit here

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