Made in New Zealand - MAST-1

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A true warrior is action over words

Ronin is a range of darts for the skilful player.  Standout graphics in regal colours echo an ancient Japanese warrior dynasty, that of a warrior with no master. These Ronin lived by a code of discipline known as the Bushido, which outlines eight virtues.  A Ronin does what is right, not what is easy, and Ronin Makoto values honesty above all.

The front weighted version of its brother in arms, Ronin Rei, this exceptional 90% tungsten barrel features a slightly softer, yet still unwavering grid-like Shot Darts Masonry grip.  Detailed milling and sharp radial edges are honed to precision and serve a solid, 5/5 grip close to the nose of the barrel – like a firm handshake.  Ronin Makoto delivers a reliable push point with zero slip or drag on release.  A strong player’s game is built on integrity, because the ultimate honour lies in playing a good game.

SKU Weight Length Diameter
MAST-122 22gm 50mm 7.2mm
MAST-123 23gm 50mm 7.3mm
MAST-124 24gm 50mm 7.5mm
MAST-125 25gm 50mm 7.6mm