"My new darts from Puma Darts are so easy to throw! The balance is great on these 90% tungsten darts. They have ring grooves down the length of barrel with more grooves near the middle where the balance point is. The grooves on this straight barrel aren't so sharp that they will randomly grab your skin. They allow for a clean release every time. These are fitted with Puma's very own Broad Points that really grab the board without damaging it. Puma impresses once again!" ...Robbie Phillips

How long playing darts:

Robbie's parents played darts when he was a child and he earned a spot on their league team when he was 13, joining an adult league in 1996  and he hasn't looked back!

"I feel a great deal of pride to have an outstanding company believe in me.  It makes me want to become an even better player to represent myself and Puma Darts" .... Robbie Phillips


Career Highlights:

  • 30 Time National Finalist
  • 2015 Charlotte Open Singles Cricket Finalist
  • 2015 Charlotte Open Doubles Cricket & 501 Champion (Darin Young)
  • 2015 Music City Pro Singles Champion
  • 2015 Virginia Beach Pro Cricket Finalist
  • 2015 Wreck at the Deck 501 Singles Champion
  • 2015 Summer Shootout Singles 501 & Cricket Champion
  • 2014 Charlotte Open Singles 501 Champion
  • 2014 Garden City Classic Singles Cricket Champion
  • 2014 Fire on the Mountain Singles Cricket Champion
  • 2014 Wreck at the Deck Singles 501 ChampionMember of the United States WDF World Cup team 2013
  • 2011 USA 501 National Champion
  • 2011, 2012 ADO Foothills fling winner
  • 2011 ADO Washington Area Open Winner
  • 2011 USA National Championships Winner
  • 2011 ADO Greensboro Classic Winner


Other points of interest:

Before big tournaments, Robbie likes to practice on the board by himself to get a nice rhythm going and his confidence up. 

Some of Robbie's favourite foods are pizza, salsa and other spicy foods