What does it mean to you to be a Shot! Ambassador?

"It is a very meaningful opportunity for me to be a Shot Player and anhonour to be playing alongside amongst some of the top dart players in Singapore. This sponsorship will motivate me to bring my game to a higher level. The sponsorship is a recognition for my efforts so far and it will fuel my passion in this sport even more....Jina Woo

Why you like your darts?

"Before I started using the Tak Tak darts, I used to own many different brands and types of dart barrels. I was trying to determine which dart barrel best suit my throwing technique. One day I met Tak Tak and he introduced me to his dart barrel. I tried it and fell in love with it because I could control the dart and weight pretty well. Most surprisingly, it was also one of the least grippy dart set and I was able to control it. This was unlike all my other set of barrels which had more grippy cutting on the dart barrel. Best of all it improved my dart precision and made me a better player since I have better control with my dart technique after using this dart barrel."...Jina Woo

How long playing darts?

Jina first started playing darts in September 2014. Since then Jina  has started participating in league games, singles or doubles tournaments.  Jina was introduced to darts by a friend during one of our catching-up sessions and she enjoyed her first dart game so much that she bought her own set of darts because she was determined to improve her skills.

"Darting has brought out the competitive spirit in me and reminded me of the experience I had as the national player for Singapore’s triathlon team"....Jina Woo


Highest Achievements:

  • Stage 6 female champion for Venus 700

Other points of interest:

  • Jina goes a day before dart tournaments and  usually goes to the dartboard and practices my dart stroke by throwing the bullseye making sure that every single dart thrown goes into the bullseye or at least around it, focusing on  grouping.
  • An hour before  tournaments Jina does the same training to warm up up her arms.

Darting Tip:

“When you are on the game, don’t doubt yourself with your throw, just be confident of your stroke and release your dart as you have done it during your practice or training. Don’t hesitate just got with whatever you feel you can do it. Lastly I always enjoy watching better players play their tournaments to gain experience always be open to new challenges and new ideas. Enjoy darting while learning from other players along the way"...Jina Woo