What does it mean to be a Shot! Ambassador?

" It is an absolute honor to join forces with Shot! Darts. I have followed with great interest the continued success of the company ever since fellow Shot! ambassador Scotty Burnett first promoted my campaign and have been using Shot! barrels ever since. It was a big decision to become a part of this family. Ultimately I felt that the company’s values, ethics and philosophies were in line with my own and I wanted to solidify a partnership because of this. Without the support of companies like Shot!, we would not be able to reach our goals. Thank you for your generous support! I look forward to representing with class :)

Jennifer Mounts

How long playing darts?

Jennifer has been playing darts since her first medalist season in novice doubles back in September 2013.

In the summer of 2013 and at the ripe age of 21, Jennifer took on the challenge of renovating her family’s dive bar with the help of her cousin Jesse (and current dart partner).   Considering they are in their early twenties,  found it very easy to attract a young demographic on the weekends to increase foot traffic for the bar.   The idea of joining multiple darts leagues was in full effect once their Moms explained the history of the family's dart bar to them. Both their parents had competed during that time period when they were just toddlers.   Jennifer and her cousin Jesse have put a lot into their dart careers, for it has meant a lot to them more than simply the glory of becoming great shots.


Highest darting achievements:

  • Oregan Open 2015 Women's 501 Singles Champion
  • Oregan Open 2015 Women's 501 Doubles Champion
  • Superleague 3 fiesta Champion
  • Dartslive Event #4 in Pasadena, TX
  • Women's Singles 501 Champion
  • Women's Singles Cricket Champion
  • Weekend MVP
  • Women's Doubles Cricket 2nd Place


Other points of interest:

  • Jennifer is a muralist which gives her the flexability of being able to paint around her darting career.
  • Jennifer likes to get her  practice routine out of the way before  exercising at the end of her day.  Jennifer's specific practice routine is completely spelled out in her article with Dartoids World Column #491.
  • Jennifer believe that physical fitness VASTLY improves your mechanics and overall ability to perform as a dart player and is a huge advocate of promoting general health & wellness amongst the dart community.

"Cardio and weight lifting can not only improve your form, but enhance all aspects of your life. I see a lot of unorthodox throwing styles amongst novice players and you'd be surprised how much simple weight lifting has done for the mechanics of my throw."...Jennifer Mounts


My darting hint:

"For intermediate players that are struggling to reach the next level in skill or rating, this is an issue that's very fresh in my mind. Stubbornness will be the death of you if you don't allow yourself to let go of the obsession of rating. When you worry so much about rating and reaching the next level that you're afraid to even release a dart for fear that you won't shoot your current rating or preferably out-shoot your current rating, you will NEVER get over the slump that you believe yourself to be in. I was struggling so much attempting to go from an 11 to a 12 dartslive, that I was in constant anxiety about my performance and obsessed with numbers while shooting instead of the correct strategy that would win me the game. I FINALLY realized that I needed to completely stop checking my card after each match and entirely stopped caring and thinking about what I needed to do in order to increase my stats. I focused solely on my mechanics and trying to win the game."... Jennifer Mounts