What does it mean to be a Shot! Ambassador?

"Being asked to be part of the Shot! Team is a tremendous honour.  I feel proud to be an ambassador for such a great company that supports ladies and youth darts."

Corrine Stockton

How long playing darts?

Corrine got into darts 20 years ago while waiting for a pool table she decided to pick up a set of darts and was instantly hook and started to play in the local league and tournaments.  After taking a 10 year break, she joined a local soft tip league in 2011 and it tool off from there, playing as many steel and soft tip events as possible.


Highest darting achievements:

  • 1st 501 and Cricket singles Queen Mary 2015
  • MVP Queen Mary 2015
  • 1st 501 Singles Gold Coast Shoot Out
  • Top 8 ADO Cricket Nationals 2015
  • Becoming a Shot! Ambassador 2015
  • Being asked to part of the Elite group Kryptonite girls 2015
  • Offered a CDC card for 2015

 My darting hint:

Stay positive no matter the outcome!

Other points of interest:

"I am lucky my partner loves darts as much as I do.  He is supportive and encourages me to reach for the stars.  Before a tournament I always try to get at least one hour of practice before playing an event.  A normal practice routine for me is around the world doubles and 30 minutes at the bull."

Corrine Stockton