"My darts  feel comfortable in my hand, grip is minimal allowing darts to fall out of the hand.  My  darts are set up so when they hit the board on a downward angle hitting a 60 the other two darts can hit and follow in for hopefully another 180.   Puma Darts make the best dartboard on the market today (The Bandit)"... Clinton Bridge


"Being a Puma Darts sponsored player, wearing the logo on my dart shirt and receiving the recognition from other darters always makes you feel more confident and this shows on the board"  .... Clinton Bridge


How long playing darts:

Clinton's  older brother and his mate asked to Clinton to  play in their side so they weren't short of players, both Clinton's older brothers used to play darts, but now just one of them does and Clinton's Dad also plays darts.

"I am honoured to be selected to represent Puma  Darts as its not something that just gets thrown around lightly! ... Clinton Bridge

Recent Career highlights :

  • Qualified for Auckland Masters 2016
  • Winner Victorian Easter Open
  • Winner of DPA Grand Prix in Brisbane
  • Qualified for a Premier League Tournament
  • Hit 9 darter at the Australian Masters in 2010
  • Won the Australian Doubles in 2013 with Harley Kemp
  • Won back to back tournaments in Redcliffe at the start of the 2013, came back from being 5-3 down against Raymond Van Barneveld to win 6-5

Other points of interest:

  • Clinton's routine before a big tournament is to make sure he  get a fair amount of sleep the night before, and a big tea to keep the energy levels up for concentration during the day.
  • Clinton's practice routines starts with  10001 on no1 where he does  5 sets at every double on the board starting at 1, 18, 4, 13 etc, only scoring on the double you are going for or near the wire on that number, while the computer is on lvl 3 scoring after throwing at all doubles Clinton has to hit the scores to try and beat the computer down to a peg, taking anywhere between 40mins to 1 hour, if  time  he then goes on to  play first to 10 legs of 501 against lvl 9/10.
  •  Some of Clinton's favourite foods are love spaghetti, zinger burgers from KFC, steak cooked rare and roast lamb.
  • Clinton also enjoys watching  AFL football, watching the TV show Supernatural.

Darting Hint:

"I try to take my mind off playing, as to not put any added pressure so I mix it up between having a throw for 10 minute intervals and play a few games on my phone, easiest way for me to just play and not think too much."  Clinton Bridge