Made in New Zealand - PGST-1

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Pacific Gem – A flash of brilliance 

Get perfectly in the flow with the Pacific Gem. With a flight that takes its design cues from traditional Pacific tapa cloth, this steel or soft tip dart is both ally and accessory. With an inlaid turquoise coating like treasure from tropical seas, the Pacific Gem should be worn with pride, like a diamond. Its barrel is crafted in 90% Tungsten with a signature laser logo for a subtle touch of bling. Going for a flash of brilliance in your game? Go for the Pacific Gem.

Barrel Design:  Nose - diamond pattern grip.  Tail End - modern radial cut and polished finish.

Sku Weight Length Diameter
PGST-121 Front Weighted 21gm 46.0mm 7.3mm
PGST-123 Front Weighted 23gm 47.0mm 7.3mm
PGST-125 Front Weighted 25gm 49.0mm 7.3mm