Made in New Zealand - BU-1552

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Precision Manufactured by Shot Darts for Bulls Darts NL. The new match dart of the sensational young player, German Darts Open Winner 2018 Max “Maximiser” Hopp.  Max used this prototype to destroy the competition at this event where he made history as the first German to win a major PDC Event.  The Bull’s Max90 2.0 is made from 90% Tungsten, with a sleek barrel that has its nose to centre area in a classic style ring grip, with a defined tail end for positive placement. This dart was designed and manufactured for Max and has a universal appeal with its robust and straight grip.  Comes with a dart carry case and custom Max Hopp Powerflites.  Available also in soft tip.

Sku Barrel Weight Length Diameter
BU-15522 22gm 53.0mm 6.20mm
BU-15523 23gm 53.0mm 6.27mm
BU-15524 24gm 53.0mm 6.39mm
BU-15525 25gm 53.0mm 6.53mm