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 Shot! Ambassador Raymond Smith

Preparation Beyond the Practice Board

Getting solid practice in before major events is key to reaching your performance objectives.

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Further tips from dart professionals...

apple and dartPractice

Dartboard Placement - By Wayne Weening
Warm up routine - By Scotty Burnett
Practice Games 1 - By Ken MacNeil
Practice Games 2 - By Alex Roy
Perfect Practice
- Warren Parry
Practice Technique - Rick Espinoza
Good & Bad Practice
- By Wayne Weening
Practice to improve
- By Alex Roy

Practice Routine - by Shaun Narain

                                                    Developing your Strengths - by Mitchell Clegg

                                                    Dart Practice - by Craig Caldwell

                                                    Preparation - Beyond the Practice Board - by Raymond Smith


dart in handMechanics

- By Anne Kramer

How to Throw Darts - By Chris White

brains and dartsMental Preparation

Determination - By Ken MacNeil
- By Anne Kramer
Mental Approach - By John Kramer
Mental Preperation
- By Wayne Weening
Practice and pain
- By Scotty Burnett
- By Rick Espinoza
- By Kenny MacNeil
Don't focus on ratings - By George Chan

                                                    Darts is not a Panic Game - By Nasir Bomba


Consistant Shooting - By Warren Parry
Number Power
- By Ken MacNeil
Guarantee the Shot
- By Matt Clark 
New Darts?
- By Scotty Miller
Barrel Designs
- By Scotty Burnett

                                                    Having Fun with Darts - By Tori Kewish

                                                    Darts Etiquette - By Robbie Phillips

                                                    Darting Equipment - By Raymond Smith

  playing dart tournamentsGoing to Tournaments
Pro Tour Prep 1 - By Ken McNeil

Pro Tour Prep 2 - By Alex Roy

Tournament Preparation - By Jason Ladbrook

Tournament Day Preparation - By Chris White

Sportsmanship and helping others

Sportsmanship - By Scotty Burnett
Youth Darts
- By Scotty Burnett
Inspiring others
- John Kramer
Helping Others
- Scotty Burnett
Teach Darts
- Anne Kramer

What do darts mean to me - Rob Szabo

Number Practice - Rob Szabo

Coaching the Next Generation - Chris White

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