Dart Flights Guide

How to choose the right flight for your dart set up


A dart flight is designed to stabilise the flying dart on its horizontal axis. Shot Dart flights do exactly that. Exact symmetry ensures the fins of each flight precisely divide the airflow, this centralises the dart on its flight path. The flight thickness offers no resistance to the airflow and does not slow the dart in its flight.


Different dart flight shapes

Our dart flight shapes:

Standard Dart Flight ShapeStandard
A Standard shaped dart flight provides excellent lift and stability for your darts. Well suited to beginners and players who prefer a heavy dart, the standard flight is a reliable all round option

Kite dart flight shapeKite
The kite shaped flight is for the player who wants maximum control of the dart and is looking for close groupings.

Pear dart flight shapeTeardrop
The unique teardrop shape provides maximum lift from a small area, allowing for precise placement of your darts.

Slim Dart Flight ShapeSlim
Slim flights are ideal for players using lighter darts.  Or, if you simply want a flatter trajectory of your darts and are used to a standard flight, these are the flights for you.

Lantern Dart Flight ShapeLantern
The advanced aerodynamic shape of the lantern flight keeps the tail of the dart down while providing optimum stability.

No.6 Shape Dart Flight ShapeNo.6 Shape
Small standard flights are the go-to for most darts players. They provide maximum lift and stability of the dart when it is in flight. Small standard flights suit beginner players as they are more forgiving than other flight shapes, but also provide a stable setup for experienced players alike.


With experimentation, you'll find the one that's for your game.

Our dart flights weights:

  75 Micron

  100 Micron

  150 Micron

  Plastic Moulded - Our collaborative flights from L-Style and Cosmo