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Shot! Darts worked with Shot! Ambassador Chris White on the next generation of his signature dart, aptly named the “Great White”.  The design brief was to increase the front of barrel control to better complement those with a front of barrel grip and preference to add some spin during release.    

The solution came via the addition of newly developed dimples and scallops which were overlaid onto the existing shark fin grip.   The end result? A perfectly balanced, aerodynamic dart made for optimal scoring accuracy with a killer new look.

‘The Shot! Teams innovative design process was such a great experience.  It allowed me to have hands on input and test the ideas I had to improve the darts performance characteristics.  I’m already using the dart, it’s improved my game, several people have commented on its killer looks and I can’t wait for others to get the chance to experience it!

Unleash your killer instinct with the new Great White dart from Shot! Darts

Sku Dart Weight Barrel Weight Length Diameter
SDCW2SF-20 20gm 18gm 44.6mm 6.3mm