World Cup of Darts

01 June 2016

Betway World Cup of Darts, Frankfurt, Germany - live on sky sports from 2nd to 5th June.

The £250,000 tournament, televised live on Sky Sports, will feature 32 nations represented by two players as they compete across four days at the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt, Germany in a mixture of Doubles and Singles matches.

All the best to Shot! Ambassadors Warren Parry and Cody Harris representing New Zealand.

Schedule of games:

Thursday June 2 (8pm local time)
First Round x8
Hungary v Thailand
USA v Philippines
Norway v Gibraltar
Denmark v Sweden
Belgium v Poland
Scotland v New Zealand
Netherlands v Russia
Australia v Germany

Friday June 3 (8pm local time)
First Round x8
Czech Republic v China
Greece v Canada
Republic of Ireland v Hong Kong
South Africa v Singapore
Northern Ireland v Japan
Wales v Finland
England v Spain
Austria v Italy

Saturday June 4
Afternoon Session (2pm local time)

Second Round x4    
Belgium/Poland v Hungary/Thailand
Northern Ireland/Japan v Republic of Ireland/Hong Kong
Wales/Finland v Greece/Canada
Austria/Italy v South Africa/Singapore

Evening Session (8pm local time)
Second Round x4
Scotland/New Zealand v Norway/Gibraltar
Australia/Germany v Denmark/Sweden
England/Spain v Czech Republic/China
Netherlands/Russia v USA/Philippines

Sunday June 5
Afternoon Session (2pm local time)

Order of Play TBC

Evening Session (8pm local time)