Shot! Ambassador Chris White vists NZ

04 February 2016

Northern American Dart Champion Chris White and his wife recently made the trip from USA to NZ to spend time with us at Puma Darts/Shot! and to check out our beautiful country.   We were honoured to have Chris visit with us and to have the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best dart players.

 Here’s what Chris has had to say on his visit.

“Going to New Zealand has always been on my list of places to visit and finally my wife and I made it there in December 2015. We were looking forward to New Zealand’s natural treasures and spending time at Puma Darts meeting all the amazing staff that worked there. The trip lived up to our expectations! We arrived in New Zealand on Saturday night and Monday morning we were at the Puma Darts factory in Katikati. We spent the morning touring the factory and saw how boards and darts are made. Seeing the whole dart board making process is remarkable from the preparing of the sisal, cutting the sisal for the boards, printing the board and finally wiring which results in the top quality boards made by Puma Darts. Not only did I observe the production of darts, I spent time with the design team providing input to my new signature dart and to the design of new products. The whole experience was unforgettable and I look forward to returning in the future! Everyone should have New Zealand on their list of places to visit. Thank you to the Puma Team for allowing us to visit! ....Chris White