Introducing our sponsorsed Kiwi bird Phoenix

03 December 2015

Shot! is very proud to have the opportunity once again to sponsor a Kiwi bird chick.  Our newest Kiwi bird chick was hatched yesterday at the Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs in Rotoura, New Zealand.   Named Phoenix after our Top Distributor for 2015 - Phoenix Taiwan.  Phoenix will be looked after by the Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow springs until he or she is ready to be released into the wild.

The Brown Kiwi bird is rapidly declining in numbers on the New Zealand Mainland due to predators in their natural habitat, the population is halving about every ten years. The conservation programme that Kiwi Encounter is a part of, aims to try and slow the decline of Kiwi, and hopefully turn Kiwi numbers around.

The Kiwi Encounter has established a charitable trust – the National Kiwi Trust – to assist with raising funds to help with the Kiwi recovery work being done by Kiwi Encounter. Sponsorship of the Kiwi Encounter facility also helps with research into Kiwi incubation and rearing techniques.

We look forward to watching Phoenix's progress and will keep you updated with information and images.