Shot! Starters Promotion

27 July 2015


At Shot! we are about being your best start in darts.  To celebrate the launch of Shot! Start we recently ran a promotion on Facebook asking for nominations.  We want to champion 3 players who are beginning their darts journey and who would benefit from a brand new kit from our Shot! Start range.


Congratulations to our new Shot! Starters Dee Conrad from New Zealand, Tyrel Lau who is based in Malaysia and Elias Rangel from USA.  


About our Starters

Dee Conrad is a full time mum based in Auckland,  New Zealand.  Her partner is an avid darts player and Dee and their five children share the interest. The family is part of the newly formed Niue NZ Darts Association Inc. Dee is keen to learn some basic and necessary skills so that she can not only give her partner a run for his money but get out there more and have to courage to play in more local competitions.  Dee sees being selected as an awesome opportunity to train up the young ones too who attend Dad’s weekly games without a miss! 

Dart: Fox Darts Steel Tip 26gm

Dee’s family is using our Duel set, perfect for the older children to play against each other with.

View Duel Dart set


Tyrel Lau lives in Malaysia and works in the travel industry.  Tyrel has been playing darts for the last year in the hugely popular soft tip scene there and likes the accuracy aspect of playing darts in particular.  Tyrel would like to develop his concentration and confidence and we are looking forward to helping him along on his darts journey.

Dart : Fox Soft Tip 20 gm


Elias Rangel is 13 years old, based in USA and is a freshman in high school this fall. He’s into team sports and loves to play soccer and he also enjoys track. Elias just started playing darts recently and is really enjoying it. Elias has two sisters, a dog named brownie and a cat named Mikey. 

Right now Elias is practicing on hitting the bull, which he describes as his “arch nemesis” and very hard to hit!

Dart: Rockstar Steel Tip 24 gm



Our Starters will receive new dart kits from our Shot! Start range. We’ll give them the tools to play the best game they can, and mentor them along the way.  Keep up to date on their journey on our Facebook page where we will be posting updates on their progress, mentoring sessions and adding more giveaways for you to win.