XQ Max Darts Michael van Gerwen

22 July 2015

XQ Max Darts is proud to announce the exclusive partnership with Puma Darts for New Zealand and Australia as well  manufacturing and designing darts for  new product in the range.

Michael Van Gerwan Darts

With the players Michael van Gerwen (MvG) ( No.1 of the world) Vincent van de Voort (No.18 of the world) and rising youngster Benito van de Pas ( within 1 1/2 year No.35 of the world) XQ Max Darts is working hard to earn a share in the darts market. The Partnership with Puma Darts is the right step to establish a global cover for the  brand and players and  gives us access to an exciting range of  quality designed and manufactured products.

As MvG says  "I'm looking forward to the World Series in Australia and New Zealand in  August specially after Dubai and Japan where the acceptance of the crowd was great for every player, what I believe will be same and even be topped in New Zealand and Australia. Also seeing the products in the shops of me and my sponsor XQ Max Darts that signed an exclusive contract with Puma Darts make me proud and I think it shows that darts is starting to get  global sport now! I look forward to meeting the team from Puma Darts when in New Zealand."

Peter McCormick from Puma Darts went on to say “we  have a long history since 1970 of design and manufacturing dart products and  will be actively working with ACM Products on the design and manufacturing  of XQ Max products. It is a very exciting time and  I especially  like the 90% tungsten dart we have designed and made for the range.”

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