New Zealand Darts deal in Korea hits bullseye

23 March 2015

An exciting new distribution agreement is being forged between Darts Korea and New Zealand’s Puma Dart Products Ltd. Under the agreement, New Zealand-manufactured darts and dartboards will be paired with accessories by Darts Korea.  This will see Darts Korea selling Puma Darts products in their key Asian markets and Puma Darts selling Darts Koreas darting accessories to their global network in almost 70 countries. This mutually beneficial partnership model makes the most of Korea and New Zealand’s complementary manufacturing strengths.

The announcement was attended by Prime Minister John Key, as the Korea-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement was signed this week in Seoul.

New Zealand’s Puma Darts is a leading producer of darts, boards and equipment. Their products are preferred by many of the world’s top players, including in Korea where the New Zealand-made ‘Bandit’ dartboard has been the official board of the Korean Dart Federation for more than ten years.

Puma Dart Products ‘Shot Darts!’ have a very strong brand and history in the darts market,’ says Seung Heum Na, Team Leader for International Business at Darts Korea.

“Korean darts players like to use high-quality products from New Zealand. Together, we plan to distribute Puma and Shot Darts not just in Korea but throughout Asia - including Japan, China, and South East Asian countries,” says Mr Na.

Mr Peter Edmondson of Puma Dart Products says this is a new chapter in their longstanding relationship with Korea.

“The Darts Korea relationship is developing nicely and is a true win-win. This partnership model is something we are very proud of and is based on mutual respect for each other’s complementary strengths.”

Puma Darts will also invite elite Korean darts players into their Shot! Young Guns development program this year.  This program helps identify and support up and coming youth dart players, and has been successfully rolled out around the world.

They will also work together with the Korean Dart Federation as the official dartboard sponsor for the federation’s tournaments in 2015.