Bandit Kiwi bird released today!

23 February 2015

Julie from Puma Darts picked the kiwi up from the great team at Kiwi Encounter delivering Bandit in her car to Ian Tarei an iwi lead conservation trust in the Omataroa area which is in charge of the program near Te Teko.  

The bandit is the 39th chick returned back into the area and Ian said it was amazing what a difference the program was making to kiwi numbers, he commented that the birds were on their way to extinction in the area but now the population is well and truly on the rise. Ian  said the program meant the chicks now have a 95% chance of survival. Dogs are still a huge hazard for the kiwis.

The bandit was fitted with a little transmitter and will have a health check in a month to ensure it is thriving back in the bush.

Puma Darts Kiwi Release