Darts Australia and Puma Darts Partnership

22 December 2014

Darts Australia, Australia's governing body of darts and Puma Darts are proud to announce a 3 year contract to extend their partnership.

The deal sees Puma Darts continue their association as the Official Darts Equipment provider to Darts Australia until at least 2018.

Puma Darts Bandit dartboard, arguably the worlds finest bristle dartboard and made to the WDF specifications, will continue to be used in all WDF competitive matches across Australia.

In addition to supporting the top Australian players will also look to also induct the finest youth of Australia into their global 2015 Young Guns programme which has seen many of the worlds finest youth players gain sponsorship support.

"It is a pleasure to extend our strong relationship with Puma Darts and we thank them greatly for their continued support of Darts Australia," said President Kelvin James.

"Puma Darts continue to not only support some of our games finest but also develop the quality of their products in recent years with the evolution of the Bandit dartboard technology over the past 20 years and we are proud to offer our players the chance to compete on arguably the finest dartboard technology available and have the Bandit dartboard used at every Darts Australia tournament".

"Also Puma Darts have played a key role in Australia supporting some of our top players to help develop their game while extending their support to the Young Guns programme, which are the future of darts in Australia reflects Puma Dart's commitment to developing darts as a sport long-term here."

Puma Dart Products Ltd also, under their Shot! and Puma Darts brands produce a full range of darts with many designed for the Australian market (which will be showcased at major DA tournaments at the test booth), training equipment such as the Pro Trainer, clothing and accessories, and sponsor a number of the top players including including Mitchell Clegg, Harley Kemp, John Weber, Tic Bridge, Gordon Mathers just to mention a few.

"We are delighted to continue working with the team at Puma Darts and their local resellers and also new official sponsors Dartswarehouse.com and look forward to the years ahead for both our partnership and darts in Australia as a whole."

Peter McCormick, Managing Director of Puma Darts, said: "We are proud to commit to a new long-term agreement with Darts Australia. To continue long term support with the exclusive supply of Bandit dartboards to Darts Australia is a great endorsement of the quality of the NZ made Bandit dartboard".

"Also we look forward to confirming the 2015 Australian Young Guns into the Puma Darts Young Guns programme. Puma Darts has been actively supporting the finest youth players around the world via the Young Guns programme to help them develop their game"

"This commitment reflects the close relationship between Puma Darts and the vast size and depth of Darts Australia, and that we are both committed to the future of darts in Australia.