Puma Darts Ho Ho

15 December 2014

Where do you live?
Mong Kok,Hong Kong

How long have you been playing darts?
Nearly 3 years

What inspired you to play competitively?
It is because I want to be famous and win as many prizes as possible!

Did you have anyone take you under their wing to help your game? If so who?
There are lots of people who inspire and help my games but mainly I practice hard by myself

How much do you practice?
I practice at least 1 hour everyday

What was the first big tournament you won?
I have won joint 17 at The World stage one this year, it is not a really good grade but I have gained a lot of experience

Tell us one word that describes your personality. Explain why you chose that word?
"Peaceful". It is because I don't like argue with people and I like everyone can stay together happily

What are your interests besides darts?
I love sport. I like to play all ball games.

What advice would you give a beginning player who wants to improve their game?
Practice makes perfect. Although it is dull, you can only improve your game through practicing.

Is there anything else you would like to add that has not been asked?
I hope everyone who love playing darts get good luck in big tournaments. I am looking forward to see you all and compete with you guys!