Shot! Ambassador George Chan

05 December 2014

Q: George, where do you live?
A: Hong Kong

Q: How long have you been playing darts George?
A: I have been playing darts become 18 years.

Q: What inspired you to play competitively?
A: formidable rivals, excited game also can inspire my competitively.

Q: How much do you practice?
A: It depends on pay by own or pay by loser as normally will spend HK$200 for playing darts.

Q: What was the first big tournament you won?
A: 2010 Bullshooter Asia VI, champion in Hammer Cricket event.

Q: Tell us some of your accomplishments?
A: I was so glad of I can successive be a HK team player in Phoenix Summer Festival at this 4 years and 2 year of Dartslive Super Six team player. Those were precious experiences to me.

Q: Tell us one word that describes you personality. Explain why you chose that word?
A: “Slow”. slow reaction, maybe I am old…. Haha!

Q: What are you interests besides darts?
A: I like watch TV, sleeping and playing with my little cat, his name is “Little 5”

Q: What advice would you give a beginning player who wants to improve their game?
A: Don’t focus on win or lose; don’t care about “Rating”, no matter increase or drop down. I look out at some beginning players, they will strain for their rating, that is not the heartbeat, don’t care about it. Do more practice, try to join different event, play more with other player, this is the benefits of regular practice in keeping up player’s morale.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add that has not been asked?
A: I want to thanks my sponsor – Puma & Shot! Darts, thank you for full support in my darts life.

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