Quality Manufacturing

Puma Darts Quality manufacturing Darts and DartboardsClose Attention to Customers - Puma Darts has always paid close attention to customers’  needs and we have a proud record of delivering exceptional results. It is this attention to detail that has made Puma Darts products the choice of many top dart champions around the world. As well as the preferred supplier to top retailers around the world.

Dart and Dartboard Innovation - Being an innovation led company, we developed the now famous Bandit bristle dartboard, which we believe to be the world’s finest bristle board. We have since developed our Bandit Plus board which delivers on performance and style with new features and environmental considerations.

Our attention to quality has led to our Bandit boards being officially recognised  for Tournament and competition play by the World Dart Federation.

Quality Dart Manufacturing Accreditation - Our success has been recognised by the New Zealand Government with a Global Export Commendation Award and our manufacturing facility has obtained AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008  Quality Accreditation.

In the process, a unique business culture has emerged that drives our employees to perform their absolute best. As a company are committed to continuous improvement and innovation which has seen as partner with top research companies and design school in NZ.